Bryan Levy

Virtual CV


Florida State University

Bachelor’s of Science in  Information Communication & Technology

Minor: Computer Science

I learned all the skills of an IT professional while focusing on becoming a good communicator and leader within the IT community. I learned valuable skills in web development with courses in front and back end coding languages, project based courses focusing on the proper way to execute projects involving technology, and leadership courses focusing on project management and teamwork abilities. In order to improve my skills within the development aspect I minored in Computer Science and learned skills such as C++, Unix, object-oriented programming, and more. This was an incredible foundation to begin a long journey of learning and progressing in the field of technology.



Developed a web application using ReactJS as a front end framework for JavaScript and JSX to display the UI. The back end was handled by a NodeJS framework with ExpressJS and MongoDB handled the database and server functionality



Use CSS along with TailwindCSS to style my HTML, React, and WordPress based web applications and web pages to ensure the greatest user experience.


Use a WordPress framework to develop many web pages for clients. These web pages are developed using state of the art UI design concepts and precisely made based on client specifications.